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    Traxxas E/T-Maxx tire

    I smell the makings on mud-truck tires.:)
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    wanted: new monster pirate body or like new even

    I saw one on ebay. Looks pretty good. Buy it now was $50.
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    Gas Prices In Your Area

    Gas price for 87 is now $4.42 a gallon,here on Guam.:shk:ack
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    Gas Prices In Your Area

    Yipes:shkAs of Mar.01,the damned gas price for 87 is now 4.22 a gal.:ack
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    Gas Prices In Your Area

    Regular unleaded is $4.12 a gal:shk here on Guam.And we get our fuel from Singapore.:ack
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    Amark spiked Clod tires/wheels for fs/ft

    Jasper-PM me your mailing address and I'll check with the post office on the shipping charges.
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    Amark spiked Clod tires/wheels for fs/ft

    These tires are good for "bashing" or maybe even "mud-running".The wheels have been painted white.Looking for $40 shipped or trade for 2.2 or 1.9 wheels and tires(preferably non-beadlocks).No 1.9 FlatIrons.I have way too many set's of them laying around. Also,I have some plastic spikes that...
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    Tamiya tank for sale or trade

    Sold on rcc. Mod's plz delete.
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    Tamiya tank for sale or trade

    Pending sale on rcc.
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    Tamiya tank for sale or trade

    I think this is the King Tiger or maybe a Leopard.NO DMD,just the motors on it.Mught be able to find a radio for it.What'cha got to trade?
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    Tamiya tank for sale or trade

    Missing a few body part's but still run's.Looking for scx10- based truck or anything with TLT axles.Selling for $180 shipped.
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    bull head body

    Are you still interested in my BullHead body???
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    bull head body

    I've got one.Just need to strip the old paint and your good to go.
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    Clodbuster Items needed

    I have a set of Jugg wheels and spiked Clod tires and i also have a set of stock wheels and tires.
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    New Bright CR-01 Unlimited

    One of your pics is now my new wallpaper.Hope you don't mind.:tmb
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    Custom scale MT tube frame chassis???

    One of those frames is a vintage Bennett racing chassis for the Clod &the rest are from various vendors here and all over the internet. Scale frames are custom made to a customers taste and style and there are a few companies that mass produce them(cookie-cutters).Here are a few...
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    Ford f-350 high-lift

    Nice 350.:tmb The paint looks awesome on there.:)
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    RCMTC-HI trucks

    Are those vintage Bru-Line wheels on the GraveDigger Clod????I haven't seen those wheels in ages.:bling ANd all the island boy's truck's rock.:shk