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    SMT10 running 2.2 wheels

    Not sure if anyone will answer or even read this these days but here goes. I’ve been interested in the SMT10 since its introduction and now with the cheaper and improved redone RTR or build your own raw builders kit I’m pretty sure that will be my next truck. I’m not crazy about wheel combos...
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    Megopede XL and Chuckworks Trugopede.

    Okay been awhile but a little update. My 1/8 scale Stampede took a slight turn and other people builds inspired me into a second 1/8 scale mid motor Stampede. My FLM Megopede XL is very close to completion. Since last post I got MIP X duty CVDs (#11104). They are long and very thick/ heavy duty...
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    Kyosho Mad Force Kruiser 14-19mm wheel hexes.

    Does anybody with a Kyosho Mad Force Kruiser have a set of these they would consider selling? They are 14mm to 19mm wheel hex converters and look wonderfully simple. My local hobby shop has some Ofna Monster Pirate or Twin Titan?? rims I want to try on a Stampede project but they require 19mm...
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    Proline brawler 2.6 rims vs j concepts tribute 2.6 rims

    Need some opinions on these? Is either better than the other? The J Concepts are a little less expensive and a couple more color options. They also have the ability to change offsets but honestly that is kinda what concerns me. Is there any weakness there? I am thinking of using some Clod tires...
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    W/K rebuild for brushless

    This is my W/K I did back in 2013. I copied Johnny Shores build to a T. (Its a must read if you havent checked it out). I really dont run my stuff super hard as you can see still running the original body. Stock electronics and everything else with the addition of Losi triple x rear shocks, MJ...
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    Bigfoot vs Monster Jam feud.

    So I took the kids to the Monster Jam show last night in MPLS MN and had a good time. Seemed a little tamer than the last one I saw but its gotta be 7 years since Ive seen them so no disappointments. The new two wheel competition is pretty cool. Anyways it got me wondering why Ive never seen...
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    Slash/Stampede/Rustler transmission

    If anyone has a extra 2wd 1/10th Traxxas Slash/Stampede/Rustler transmission laying around I would be interested. I have almost enough parts other than transmissions to make another Stampede and Slash.
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    1/8 scale Stampede and family of Pedes

    My 1/8 scale Stampede. Not finished yet, on hold for a bit but getting close. Size comparison with a regular Bigfoot Stampede. Have an idea on a paint scheme but down the road a bit yet. Obviously building on a truggy theme.
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    Is the Wheely/Crawler King still in production?

    Reading hear and there that parts are getting harder to get for these. I have a W/K Bounty Hunter with Traxxas Monster Jam wheels I did back in 2013. Been used sparingly and IÂ’ve never run much power in it other than stock. Tried a Traxxas XL5 and Titan system at first and could here some...
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    WTB Proline Badlands 3.2 series tires.

    Total shot in the dark hear but since they aren't in production anymore I'm wondering if someone has them sitting around. Looking for 3.2 Badlands tires for a Stampede Truggy project I'm working on. Let me know, thanks. Eric
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    Clod wheel widener/ rim advice

    I'm looking to build a new set of wheels. Have a nip set of chrome rims and very good set of stock rubber. Really like the Tweaked Racing wideners (solid piece of delryn hockey puck style) on the current wheels I have vs the CPE style. Been awhile since I've been on the forum and even back then...
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    Hotwheels Jammin SCRT

    Here is my new project. Wanted something for bashing, be waterproof and have some serious speed and not break the bank. Basically sold my trusty 2wd Slash and picked up a used Jammin SCRT10 4x4 roller with a bunch of parts, big 4pole motor and 3 full sets of new race rubber for what i sold the...
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    Info: HobbyWing ESC's and Turnigy ESC's

    Hey just looking for anyone who has had experience with Hobby Wing or even Turnigy esc's and motors and wonder what they think after owning them. Would you recomend them? Basically i'm looking for a couple combo's for two different vehicles. One is my TTR Clod and the other is a Jammin SCRT10...
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    Trade my chrome Clod rims for your white rims.

    Hey i just picked up some new chrome Clod rims and i really want some white one's. Anybody interested in a trade for some new white ones? After i put my tires on and set next to the truck im not crazy about the chrome. Never mounted on axles or glued to tire just opened packaging and slipped on...
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    Need help with brushed motor setup in a clod.

    Is there a tutorial anywhere on the ancient art of setting up brushed motors in Clods? Have tons of questions. 1. Which motor in a Clod needs reversed rotation? 2. Which motor do you advance the timeing and why? 3. If you reverse rotation of a motor do the timeing adjustments still work but...
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    12mm to 12mm wheel wideners

    Looking for wheel wideners for these alum rims i have. On ebay seen some HK made TXT ones that would work but doesnt look like they come with barrel nuts. Anybody have any or advice were i can get some.
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    Txt1 crawler parts, wk and other wheel sets & misc.

    Start off with some take off Wheely King chrome wheels with chrome plastic washers. Removed imediately and never run. Only marks are on the plastic washers from initial assembly. $35.00 shipped cont. US. Also have the Wheely King HPI SF-1 steering servo taken out imed if anybody wants it...
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    I can view the classifieds but cant respond. I could be missing something. Help