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    ZRP Diablo Pro

    Coming soon.
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    ZRP Racing Retro Steering and Hitches

    So when project Slow Poke (ZRP Retro Racer) was being developed there were decisions to be made on the steering setup and hitch. I wanted a steering system that could provide maximum throw but also still be tucked into the gear case for protection. A steering system that was a minimalistic...
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    ZRP + Axial AR60s = ZRP Hitman

    ZRP Hitman Here is the first prototype of the ZRP Hitman. Figured it was time for ZRP to step into the shafty game. Production kits will be carbon fiber and anodized parts. More information can be found on the ZRP Racing Facebook page. Looking to open preorders in January with a late...
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    ZRP Assassin is coming

    I'll let the pictures do the talking. Hoping to start producing in late 2015 / early 2016 Price is $400 The truck in the pictures made it's first race appearance at the 4 link nationals this past weekend. If you are looking through the pictures of the 4 link nationals it is the...
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    Michigan Monsters of RC 2015-2016 Racing Series

    Michigan Monsters of RC 2015-2016 Racing Series Mark your calendars, Here are the 2015-2016 Michigan Monsters of RC race dates. 10/24, 11/14, 12/5, 1/9, 2/13, 3/12, 4/9 Entry Fees: $15 for first entry. $5 per additional entry. Max out of pocket $40 Rules / classes are being...
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    PRP Berzerker

    Not mine. But I know people are looking.
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    Clodbuster XVDS

    Anyone know if the RC4WD Clodbuster XVDS adds any width over stock? Also why a 14mm hex and not the standard 12mm hex? Any team drivers play with these yet? How are they from a durability standpoint?
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    Left Handed Transmitter

    What options are out there for a Left Handed controller? My friend's son is left handed and wants to get into the hobby. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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    Diablo with a different look

    Here is a ZRP Diablo with a chassis made from blue/silver texalium material. Upper suspension links and x-members are polished aluminum. Lower links, servo mount, axle braces and upper 4 link mount are machined finished.
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    Digger and Sonuva Digger ZRP Diablos

    Not sure if I posted these up. These are my son's novice class ZRP Diablos. Yuuup working headlights thanks to Traxxas
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    Long Shot

    Looking for a Proline 3106 Early 50's Chevy pickup (Maxx Size)
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    RCMTC-MI 2013-2014 Racing Series- check out the final recap and swag from sponsors!

    2013-2014 COWRC RCMTC-MI Racing Series Season Final Race is 4/12/14
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    ZRP Racing Developments

    Couple of items I have been working on and trying out. ZRP Diablo 3S battery tray / skidplate Had a customer buy a Diablo and want to run a 3S Lipo in it. So I came up with the ZRP 3S battery tray. You can also use it for 2S lipos as it will lower the weight in the center of the chassis...
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    WTB HPI 7186 Bounty Hunter Bodies (Tmaxx size)

    Looking for 2 NIB unpainted. Let me know if you have any that you want to sell. Thanks.
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    WTB TBG (Parma) Goldberg (Max D) Body

    Looking to buy an unpainted TBG parma Goldberg body. I know I can get one from TBG but figured I would ask here first if anyone had an extra or unwanted one. Thanks
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    Zyck2k's it's not just all about clods!

    It's not all about Clodbusters. Here are a couple of shafties! For the Chevy fans Destroyer - Defiance Racing chassis, Proline Silverado painted by Darkside Designs, ZRP TXT-1 Monster Truck rim modification, TTR CVDS and Straight Axle. Electronics are a mixture of Castle, Tekin and...
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    Monster Truck Pictures

    Anyone have a listing of websites to use for Monster Truck pictures. I normally use monsterphoto but it is down.
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    Michigan Monsters RCMTC-MI 2012-2013 Race #5

    Our February 16th race is moving location. Hillsdale R/C was nice enough to host us for our January race but the building has been sold and they are racing on a week by week notice. So with the help of JimmyG we were able to secure the Germania Hall. Germania Hall 23156 King Rd Brownstown, MI
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    He has the latest ones. Is that gen 3, 4 or ????
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    Zyck2k's ZRP Diablos for the 2012-2013 RCMTC-MI season

    Here are my 4 race trucks for the 2012-2013 RCMTC-MI seasons. Blacksmith. Body by briansbodies Virginia Giant. Body by Darkside Designs Eliminator. Body by Darkside Designs Instigator. Body by Darkside Designs I'll try to get some better pictures at the next...