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  1. toyotaman

    looking for a set of machined lower links

    Im looking for a set of 4 machined lower links. I know I can get them new from CPE but I'm working on a budget so I was hopping someone had a used set they wanted to get rid of. Thanks
  2. toyotaman

    Clodbuster Wheel Wideners

    Clodbuster Wheel Wideners. Not sure of the brand but they resemble ones made by rc4wd. You can use clodbuster or TxT-1 wheels with them. Overall there in good shape, however I am missing on e of the barrel nuts. Price: $30 shipped You can shoot me a PM anytime, when you send a PM also...
  3. toyotaman

    3906 Emaxx trans w/ Robinson slipper clutch, txt-1 chassis mounts and shift servo

    Up for sale is 3906 Emaxx transmission. It has a Robinson slipper clutch with a 66t spur gear. The motor mount has been upgraded to a better one part #3990x. It has mounts for a txt-1 chassis on it. A small mini traxxas servo is mounted on one of the chassis mounts to allow it to be shifted on...
  4. toyotaman

    Cpe Machined Links, TxT tires, chassis, body & other parts

    ....................................Feel free to PM with questions. Paypal Only....................................... ..................Shipping is to the Lower 48. Hawaii, Alaska, Canada Please Ask for quote.................. Cpe Machined Links. Never used. Price: $45 Shipped...
  5. toyotaman

    Looking for TxT-1 axles and transmission

    I'm looking for two good txt-1 axles and a transmission. No locked diffs, only want open diffs. If you have any of these parts and want to sell them just let me know. Thanks Robin
  6. toyotaman

    USA-1 gear ratio?

    Can anyone tell me the gear ratio for an electric USA-1.
  7. toyotaman

    Trinity Matched Madness 16 turn Clodbuster motors

    For sale: Trinity Matched Madness 16 turn Clodbuster motors. They are in great condition, never been used. In fact they have been foam cases inside the original box all there life. The box is rough, but then again it's got some age on it. I will post a pic later on today, if you want a pic...
  8. toyotaman

    Looking for a kyosho USA-1

    Hey guys I'm looking for a decent shape electric kyosho USA-1. I don't really need the body or wheels/tires. What I do need is a complete set of gearboxes and suspension parts. I'm looking to start a new project so if anyone has one to part with or just some complete gearboxes just let me know...
  9. toyotaman

    Unfinished Retro "OverKill" build

    If you feel my prices are to high then make me an offer, im easy to work with. Please Pay with Paypal Shipping is only for US. For Hawaii please ask for quote. Please Feel Free to ask questions Up for sale is my unfinished Overkill Retro Clodbuster build. I had the body...
  10. toyotaman

    Looking old 3-wheeler magazines lol

    Hey guys I'm looking for some old 3 Wheeler magazines, either old Dirt wheels or 3 & 4 wheeler action mag. Ive gotten into 3 wheelers pretty heavy over the past few months with the purchase of a atc200x. It's been taking up my rc time lately lol. I figured just maybe someone on here had some old...
  11. toyotaman

    Xr10 crawler axles with clod tires?

    Has anybody used xr10 crawler axles with anything close to a clod tire? They resemble a clod axle but much slimmer and compact.
  12. toyotaman

    "OverKill" Retro Clod Build

    Ive started working on a "OverKill" retro clod for the up coming clodapolooza. So far the frame is almost complete. My plans for this truck are huge right now lol. I really need to find someone who can paint a body for me. I can make stuff and draw but dang I cant get a hold of painting...
  13. toyotaman

    Need stock clodbuster suspension parts.

    Hey guys I need all the parts that make up a stock clod suspension. I thought I had the parts but I don't have any stock clod suspension parts. I would prefer them to be new or atleast in really good shape. These are going to be used on my retro truck. Just let me know what you have and a price...
  14. toyotaman

    Internal Springs

    Id like to use some internal springs in my 4" maxx shocks. Any suggestions on what kind of springs to use? I wasn't sure we're to post this topic, so I figured general discussion would be alright.
  15. toyotaman

    Clodbuster Body Restoration

    Well the other day a guy gave me clodbuster body so Ive decided to make it my project for the time being. I started out by taking off all the old decals, then I started stripping the paint off. For stripping paint I like to use Walmarts "Great Value" heavy duty over cleaner, its just as good as...
  16. toyotaman

    Retro Class Question

    Hey guys ive got a question about the retro class. Are aftermarket chassis for clods allowed? for example a sassy chassis. I want to build a chassis baced off a esp lower chassis brace for a clod to use on a retro truck. It would use use the stock suspension.
  17. toyotaman

    3" shock for clod

    Does anyone know of a shock that is 3" eye to eye? I need some from my clod. Ive looked around on google but havent found anythat long.
  18. toyotaman

    Need Air Compressor help

    Hey guys im tired of buying can air to clean up my rcs so im looking into getting a small compressor. So what you guys using? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  19. toyotaman

    My SC10 4x4 and Sc Track

    Lately I have been consumed with building my SC10 4x4 and my new track. Ive finally got both done and wanted to share some pics. The track is 40x45 and since the only other track around is about an hour away its awesome. The two guys I race with have a sc10 4x4 and a slash 4x4 and man is it fun...
  20. toyotaman

    Project Ground Force

    Well guys since the engine took a crap I decided to change up my mad force. I really wanted a different chassis and so I bought a Ground Pounder chassis and Project Ground Force was born. I cut down the stock engine/trans plate to 85mm so it would fit into the chassis and drilled some new holes...