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  1. toyotaman

    Happy 20th Anniversary!!!

    As of last month I've been member for 8 years. Man I wish this place was as active as it was back then. I've seen some killer builds on here!
  2. toyotaman

    Mad Dog II

    Awesome build! Those 3D parts look so cool.
  3. toyotaman

    Where did everyone around here go?

    Gosh I haven't even logged into my profile in months, I feel bad cause there were a couple of pms that have gone unanswered. Years ago I use to post daily on trucks, mods and stuff for sale. I'd say for the last two years I've been out of r/c... but never done with it. Honestly Facebook has...
  4. toyotaman

    USA-1/ Double Dare Driveshafts, Updated *12/1/11*

    Man, geez the last time I posted in this thread was 2011.... We're has the time gone. Anyways it looks like I never mentioned if the driveshafts actually worked, and they did. I only made a set for the rear of the truck but they worked great. I wish I had more info or pics, but I've lost the old...
  5. toyotaman

    My 1st Kyosho USA-1

    That's a sweet A-1 man. It's nice to see people still messing with Usa-1s.
  6. toyotaman

    project: Kyosho Mad Force 6x6 w/Dewalt motor

    Man that's pretty cool. I definitely haven't seen a 6x6 mad force before.
  7. toyotaman

    USA-1 Running Again

    Those driveshafts were a project I did back in 2011. Here's a link to the thread...*12-1-11* They were a tad time consuming to make but they worked awesome.
  8. toyotaman

    USA-1 Running Again

    Man it's good see someone still running usa-1s and particularly running one with rather rare drivetrain parts
  9. toyotaman

    Clodbuster Wheel Wideners

    Open to offers for the Wideners
  10. toyotaman

    WTB TXT-1 Links

    Sent you a email
  11. toyotaman

    Clodbuster Wheel Wideners

    Clodbuster Wheel Wideners added
  12. toyotaman

    looking for a set of machined lower links

    Im looking for a set of 4 machined lower links. I know I can get them new from CPE but I'm working on a budget so I was hopping someone had a used set they wanted to get rid of. Thanks
  13. toyotaman

    Ground Pounder ? Bigfoot Build

    Welcome aboard, there's definitely a lot of very helpful people here on RCMT. Your GP looks like an excellent starting point, look forward to seeing your build progress
  14. toyotaman

    Clodbuster Wheel Wideners

    Clodbuster Wheel Wideners. Not sure of the brand but they resemble ones made by rc4wd. You can use clodbuster or TxT-1 wheels with them. Overall there in good shape, however I am missing on e of the barrel nuts. Price: $30 shipped You can shoot me a PM anytime, when you send a PM also...
  15. toyotaman

    3906 Emaxx trans w/ Robinson slipper clutch, txt-1 chassis mounts and shift servo

    Up for sale is 3906 Emaxx transmission. It has a Robinson slipper clutch with a 66t spur gear. The motor mount has been upgraded to a better one part #3990x. It has mounts for a txt-1 chassis on it. A small mini traxxas servo is mounted on one of the chassis mounts to allow it to be shifted on...
  16. toyotaman

    CPE Missile build

    I can't wait to see this build!
  17. toyotaman

    Cpe Machined Links, TxT tires, chassis, body & other parts

    Yes I do, for some reason my pics are messed up
  18. toyotaman

    Cpe Machined Links, TxT tires, chassis, body & other parts

    ....................................Feel free to PM with questions. Paypal Only....................................... ..................Shipping is to the Lower 48. Hawaii, Alaska, Canada Please Ask for quote.................. Cpe Machined Links. Never used. Price: $45 Shipped...