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  • Nothing much! Been real busy at work and I'm building up a couple of RC4WD vehicles aqt the moment.
    john ...its like 300 for the trans my cost ..I know theres a few deals up here on trucks ...tell me what you wanna pay ..i can get you a truck ...I go to the auction alot ...
    Sale is pending on the TXT chassis. When you say bumbers, do you mean the axle guards or the bumpers that attach to the chassis? I don't have any axle guards.
    Hey ..hows the txt chassie ? and do you have the bumpers by chance ? Call me at the house .. Pm me if you need the number
    well shoot we're in the same boat! me and my dad and the rest of the IRCMTC guys got an 8-8 1/2 drive as well. most of us made it to the spring nats. since i'm not going to Ihobby to race this might be the last race i go to, other than the IRCMTC winter series.
    I want to , but it's a 9 hr hike for me. I havnt done any races this year. Next year I gotta drag my 000 out to some races.
    man it just sucks not having a job that pays for these suckers! i got this feeling i'll end up getting a job and spending a lot of it on clods, hi-lifts, and my bronco(if thats still existing by that time) but seriously Jon you got some wicked looking trucks! do you plan on making worlds this year?
    Tell me about it. I am up to 18 modded clods and still growing. My wallet feels the symptoms of this virus more than i do
    haha yea it does. i got so much stuff as it is. my parents keep coming into my workshop saying when did you get this? and wher did you get this? haha lil do they know its all the same stuff i've always had but i keep modding and adding stuff. this is hands down the best virus i've ever had though!
    oooo i want them extreme chassis! i am lookin at building 2 more clods. i got the axles just got to get the chassis. then the txt. ugh dang laundry lists!
    dang that blows... i had some minor twisting going on with my stallion. i had a friend who works at a machine shop make up some support braces for me. just gotta swing by and pick them up. honestly your txt stallion was my favorite. i want a txt sooo bad
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