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    WTB: APM fire extinguisher, APM side view mirrors

    I know its a long shot, but I am looking for an APM fire extinguiser and a set of side view mirrors. Also, if anyone has any APM parts ill buy them... top dollar paid! -Mike
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    New to me EBR(Eric beach racing)tube chassis

    progressive shocks 0_0 haven't seen those in a long time
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    WTB: ESP clodzilla clod buster steering cranks and old school clod parts

    Like the title says, I am looking for the ESP clodzilla clod buster steering cranks. Its the aluminum steering cranks with ball bearings that replaced the stock servo saver plastic ones. I am also looking for any old school clod parts from APM or Sassy. I am specifically looking for the...
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    Post A Group Shot!!

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    TF2 single speed with PMN 4runner body

    Thanks! Yeah it looks pretty good a long side the full size rig...I really need to finish the mini me version, then I can take some shots with the 1:1 and 1/10 scale Will, LOL the damn salt air created more oxidation on the rust spots which was fine with me but it also brought out all the...
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    Dusted off the purple people eater

    I want is truck BAD, anyone interested in a kidney or something haha
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    Dusted off the purple people eater

    Just saved the pics, I'll post them, loading to photobucket now
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    TF2 single speed with PMN 4runner body

    So I really wanted another tf2 but I just couldn't afford the price of a complete kit. I have had an idea for an existing build to convert it over to a tf2 so I hit eBay and found the parts I needed to get it up and running for roughly half the cost of a new kit. I started with a complete...
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    Dusted off the purple people eater

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys :cool Will, we still have Monster Mash, it's currently sitting on the new Mickey T 54" TTC baja claws. Jeff and his friend Brian were the 1st to people to buy them when they were released for their trucks. The tilt bed is actually set up very very...
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    Dusted off the purple people eater

    I recently got this bad boy up and running again. The rear motor had been cooked since the 08 worlds. Thanks to some help from Bart I was able to obtain some stand up brushes needed to get it rebuilt. My interest was also sparked when I saw the new visor and head light covers like APM used to...
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    How Do You Tranport Your R/C's?

    When we used to make it to events (before I got a real job and now work a rotating schedule) we use to go to the worlds and other events towing this bad boy. It's a 5x10 tha we fitted with shelving and a custom fold down work bench.
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    Group photo version 2.012 (then and now)

    Will, I hate shipping/receiving anything these days. The carriers just don't care...doesnt matter if its USPS, UPS, or Fedex. They are all terrible IMO. Doesnt seem to matter how much packing material or what kinda box. I mark the stuff fragile and I have had buyers tell me it looks like someone...
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    Group photo version 2.012 (then and now)

    Will, I actually dont have any other pics of that one myself. I bought it from f150highlift on RCC and it arrived damaged :mad I still have to finish sanding the filler and pick a color. Ill try and snap some more pics of it in its current state. its a completely custom built 1957 Ford pick up...
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    Group photo version 2.012 (then and now)

    \ Sounds good to me! Big rigs Monster trucks, the people who have been on RCMT for a long time will remember Corey/Hotrodicals Ultimate jugg Pumpkin, marui big bear and og pajeros pullers race clods