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Aug 25, 2018
Jun 23, 2006
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Aug 25, 2018
    1. nrctpaXpres
      i just found out that this was here I have never seen this before anyways a month late I know who did all of this and they will be taken aside and advised
    2. chromey
      Hi Joe,
      I guess it's time you take your wooden teeth and a baseball bat over to the racing division and camp out. LOL
      I wasn't there but I can bet you I know the problem person/ persons. You know dealing with this kind of stuff in the past it comes up for different reasons, the thing I'm hearing this time as in the past nothing will be done.
      Maybe when you get to the bottom of what ever it is you send the person who started the topic on RCMT a letter explaining your findings and actions.
      Who knows in 2011 maybe I need to come and run the racing program with you.
      As always if you need something I can help with let me know.
    3. nrctpaXpres
      it has been very slow
    4. chromey
      So ewhat do you think no one is willing to help resolve the issue or what?
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