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    TXT-1 driveshafts

    buy a set of revo shafts and cut them down to length.
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    Anyone have seen or used the GP Axle brace from 5150 Racing

    I haven't been on here for two and a half months. But if you want a set, lmk.
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    Review Crew that time again? Tamiya Dump truck? Want to join? We need a builder!!

    its probably the famous tamiya plastic so i doubt you can.
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    Couple of trucks for sale and parts for sale.

    another big brute for sale. chassis, stock motor, two tires are good, the other two arent perfect but usable. pretty good condition. $100 shipped.
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    RC4WD Christmas Giveaway 2015

    I would like to be in the RC4WD Giveaway 2, 4, 6.
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    How do I prevent this

    if you run the truck, stuff will break. the only way to prevent that is make it a shelf queen, lol.
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    Mamba Monster 2 vs Sidewinder vs Traxxas Velineon... HELP!!!! Advice needed

    the castle systems have numerous adjustments, while the traxxas has few. ive had good luck with hobbywing systems.
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    WTB: Sears/Nikko Lobo II

    check out this group. it would be your best bet:
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    Kyosho Wheels

    Did Kyosho make different width wheels? I got one that is like 3/8" narrower than three others.
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    Couple of trucks for sale and parts for sale.

    i've been visiting this site like once a week or so.
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    Couple of trucks for sale and parts for sale.

    usa 1 and clod decal set added!
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    HPI Wheely King First Steering Link Replacement

    if you need steering links, i think i have a set that i made lying around.