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    Off Topic: Traxxas Emaxx battery

    Do you have everyone use Gens ace 7000mAh 50C 1S2P hardcase lipo battery for Traxxas Emaxx?
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    SMT10 Grave Digger with dual shocks

    Wow, the Axial SMT10 Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck is sooo cool, my friend drive it with gens ace 5000 3s, great burst. Fun.
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    Off Topic: race longer

    When selecting a battery for a drift model or buggy, the first aspect to pay attention to is the battery discharge current. For such powerful models, using of the Gens ace Lipo RC battery with 50C discharge current will be the best solution. Compared to many low voltage batteries that tend to...
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    Info: Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 PRO With Tattu 5200mah 2s

    Redcat Racing shook the scale crawling world with their announcement of the Everest Gen7 Pro. The Gen7 Pro is loaded with scale details and the new platform promises serious trail/rock performance. With a low price and tons of features, it’s attracted by most RC car fans. Now let’s take a look...
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    Redcat Everest Gen7

    Well, so cool. where to buy?
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    Problem: Which one?

    Hi guys, Which brand of Lipo Battery do you use for your RC car? Gens ace, Venom or others? How about of them?