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    Clod restoration

    Looks like a great runner, have fun with it! :cool
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    Tamiya clod buster pond ice and jumps!

    Cool Video, brings back a lot of memories from when I was growing up in Connecticut. We had a pond in our backyard and in the winter I would run my Bullhead and Frog on the ice and snow whenever I could. One time during the summer, after seeing real monster trucks running on a lake in a video, I...
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    New To Me CPE Terminator

    Welcome to RCMT, looks like your off to a good start with that Terminator! :cool
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    What's On Your Workbench??

    Didn't come out too bad after the brake fluid bath, simple green soak and final wash with hot water and dish detergent. :cool
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    UPDATE! NEW Tires and wheels Jconcepts!

    Cool, looking forward to them :cool
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    What's On Your Workbench??

    Not exactly on the bench, but on the garage floor. What started off as a simple project, remove decals and two-tone the gray paint job on one of my Clod bodies. Well, pulled off the decals and they left some serious sticky mess, tried removing the sticky goo and it started removing paint and...
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    UPDATE! NEW Tires and wheels Jconcepts!

    Anybody hear anything on release date for these tires & wheels ?
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    Marui Big Bear

    Thanks William, I'm not sure how much I'll actually run it. Definitely going to go through it and make sure everything is in good shape first.
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    Marui Big Bear

    Not much activity on the "vintage other" section so I figured I'd post a pic of the the Marui Big Bear I picked up recently. I had one when I was a kid and I remember it not really being the best RC, but I still have been wanting to get one for my collection. All in all, this one is in pretty...
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    Custom Drag Tamiya TT-02 I called it Black OPS

    Very cool little truck! :cool
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    KK2 Remix.....

    Looking Good! :cool
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    ZRP Racing Retro Steering and Hitches

    The rear hitch / lockout is pretty slick!
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    Breathing New Life Into a Old Clodbuster

    This was my first run with the HW dual motor ESC, I bought a couple, but haven't been able to run them yet. I'm very happy with the performance, especially at the price. I've actually been running HW brushless ESC's for about 3 years now and have been very happy with their products.
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    Lunchbox/Rollin' Thunder

    Nice job, that build is AWESOME!! :cool
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    So I managed to pick up a SMT10, and decided to go cookoo customizing it.

    The cage has a degree of flexibility to it, I think that's what helps it to be durable. I've been running mine at a skate park, plenty of crashes and nothing broken yet.