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    Come on

    I don't know if it was just me but for the past few weeks my normal bookmark would just send me to an error message for the board, so I thought RCMT was gone. The only reason I found it again was because I did a normal google search after reading the email Nick sent out. If not for that email I...
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    project ground pounder racer

    The only know of the metal spur gear for the trans, none for the trans itself, but I may be wrong. The trans gears themselves have proven to be very strong for me, it's the motor mounting/spur gear that has always proven problematic. There is the aluminum trans mount that are available but I...
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    Mad Force buy?

    The big difference is the 5 link (4 parallel links + panhard bar) which mean the axles articulate easier but that also means the truck now shows torque twist. But now there's supposed to be a swaybar system for it.
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    SMT 10 or ground pounder?

    Both require work and money especially if you plan to add Clod tires. Of the two I would pick the SMT-10 but it's only by a little as I think there's a lot of strengths in the Ground Pounder. But there is one other truck to consider, the MST MTX-1. I don't have one but I've been looking into...
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    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    Vanquish Products just posted that their relationship with Hobbico/Tower just ended. Seems like Tower is cleaning huse for some reason.
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    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    Oh, so that's why Tower has all the Traxxas parts I need listed as "not carried". I think whatever is going on at Tower is ruining business. I haven't made a single Tower order in almost a year because they never have anything I want in stock. I've been ordering through Amain a lot over the past...
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    New MST solid axle monster truck REVIEW VIDEO ADDED!

    Yeah, no one has done a real in depth review of one of these yet, at least I have found one. I only see unboxing vids and few of people running them when they first got them. I downloaded the manual (it's very much like a Tamiya one) and checked out the parts and the diffs have me worried...
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    New MST solid axle monster truck REVIEW VIDEO ADDED!

    Has anyone here picked one of these up? I've been looking into these for awhile and will probably pick one up after the holidays but I still have concerns over durability and parts availability.
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    Bigfoot vs Monster Jam feud.

    In the last few years, Bob Trent over at Bigfoot, has posted many times publicly that they would be willing to run in Monster jam but MJ has never responded. I think until the upper management at MJ changes they won't even consider Bigfoot. And with Firestone being Bigfoot's biggest sponsor, I...
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    Bigfoot vs Monster Jam feud.

    I'm not sure about the MN area, but Bigfoot still gets around. Unfortunately there aren't as many independent promoters as there used to be so there aren't that many shows outside of Monster Jam. I think the best chance to see Bigfoots are still at the Jamborees (Indy, Bloomsburg, Lima) since...
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    Is the Wheely/Crawler King still in production?

    I really loved the whole concept and execution of what they did with their race series. Cheap (for solid axle MTs), small (so they could race anywhere), and fun. And they always had some really interesting track layouts. I was surprised it didn't catch on more, especially with the indoor racers.
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    Is the Wheely/Crawler King still in production?

    There is/was a bunch of guys up there in MN that raced WKs almost exclusively. Not sure if they're still around here but I used to see them Facebook posting videos. I never owned a complete one, just used parts of them in builds. The transmission gears were a problem I remember. Axial diffs...
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    New MST solid axle monster truck REVIEW VIDEO ADDED!

    I like it! In the early shots it looked narrower to me but in this video it looked about right. Drivetrain actually look pretty good, can't wait to hear from others about it's durability. Really excited about the tires and rims!
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    clod sounds like it slipping on take off's

    Are the tires glued? It's common for unglued tires to slip. Other then that I would check to see of the set screw for the pinion has backed out a little.
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    Kyosho Mad Crusher MT

    Although it isn't the bargain it used to be (the original Kruiser line was $100 less then the Kruiser 2) it's still the best deal for solid axle MTs. For $500 you get a 4S brushless MT that doesn't need much in the way of upgrades. Compare that to an Axial SMT-10 or worse yet a Tamiya product...