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    My Stocker Bigfoot

    you might want to try
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    Any updates on this yet.......
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    Retro Jamie chassis build

    I see it now I knew It had something to do with the hitch , my Jamie chassis does not have them elongated like this just one hole on each side.
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    Retro Jamie chassis build

    what are the curved slots right before the rear spring hanger for ?
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    Retro Jamie chassis build

    My BigBoss weighs in at 10lbs 12oz that is with the 4 cell batt. these trucks are heavy.
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    please delete!

    Reedy brushless Motors . These motors work great . I have moooved them to ebay thanks
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    lunch box rims

    thanks Brad , there are a few pic of the truckster now in the readers rides section
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    Truckster !

    I made the wagon body . the Christmas tree also lights up and blinks and you have to have Cousin eddies puppy Snots . I bet you didn't know Cousin Eddie was into RC trucks
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    Truckster !

    Here are some way way overdue pictures that need posted . Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold have been busy so here is a update on their rides.... and Ive been busy with the new baby and house remodeling. Enjoy the pictures ! Cousin Eddie getting the RV ready
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    lunch box rims

    thanks for the help everyone. Brad bring them with you if your coming. Thanks
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    lunch box rims

    Hello Im looking for the right part number for the lunchbox rear rims with the hex , Ive ordered 2 times now from tower and keep getting the older style of rim. thanks
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    Stock Clod and Retro Big Boss

    Sorry I am not on as much, new addition to the family kinda slowed me down on the hobby a little . The wheelbase is 11" on the BIGBOSS truck .
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    The Ultimate RC4WD 2013 Christmas Giveaway

    "I want to be entered in the RC4WD Giveaway" "I want to be entered in the RC4WD Giveaway" #1 #4 #3 Thank You!
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    Jon Zyck (ZRP products) is a genius

    Same ones that I run on all 4 of my trucks , havnt broke or cracked a rim yet running these.
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    Springs 2013...Post up some real time info

    Guess I will have to finish the build thread now , I had fun building the wagon ,trailer and rv for the event. Thanks Brad for building a awesome pulling chassis.