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    The future for RC Monster Trucks

    Looking at this from a recent exhibition at a Monster Jam event, I have probably a little bit more of a performance lean right now. Nothing jumps like the Stampede and the Monster Jam series garnered a lot of interest by adding the licensed bodies to the pede platform. Now with the three...
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    Info: HobbyWing ESC's and Turnigy ESC's

    I have the HW EZRun combo with the 9t motor in a stampede and the combo with the 13t motor in a Slash. They work very well for me and I think they are about perfect for the bashing I do.
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    Stampede Vs. Monster Jam?

    I don't know... I'll bet they are really popular after a near-by show. Especially the shows that have an RC exhibition like Pittsburgh this past weekend. I noticed the MJ trucks are shipping with 5x11 bearing carriers now(with bushings in them), have the new pede kits gone to the 5x11 carriers...
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    Monster Maxx CVD's for the Pede/MJ trucks

    I didn't really notice any extra noise, but then again I was running WOT around the floor of an Arena full of spectators and loud background noise. Although I didn't notice any extra noise while testing them around my living room, either.
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    Monster Maxx CVD's for the Pede/MJ trucks

    Well, they held up all weekend at Pittsburgh Monster Jam. The tight spot is still there but it doesn't seem to affect their performance any that I could tell, plus does seem to be diminishing. I would say they are a worthwhile upgrade for your project mega-pede builds. I'll probably be ordering...
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    Looking for Pede MJ parts

    I am looking for a few Stampede Monster Jam parts. Here's a list: Blue Skids/other blue parts from SonovaDigger rear 5x11 bearing carriers, any brand, whatever you got. Front and Rear, full set of 4 Pede MJ tires and wheels in new or like new shape Monster Mutt or Max D body and mounts in...
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    1/4 scale Monsters?

    I got a little sticker-shocked on that one! $8,000? And no seat for me to ride it? I could do better with a small quad and a custom built body!
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    1/4 scale Monsters?

    Anyone remember the New Era 1/4 or 1/5 scale monster truck? Are there any of them still out there? Where can I find them?
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    Monster Maxx CVD's for the Pede/MJ trucks

    I recently decided to upgrade the driveline on my Stampede. I had the metal-geared transmission with the jato style slipper already, but I kept popping the stock sliders apart from the power I was feeding it(9t brushless and lipos). After looking around, I decided to try the Monster Maxx CVD's...
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    XL5 + 3s = massive smile

    It's been my experience that full speed running is actually easier on the esc than slower, partial throttle running. Think about it, when running full throttle, the esc is basically allowing full battery power through to the motor while at partial throttle the esc only lets some of the power...
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    Is there an echo in here?

    No problem, Mike. I hope everything goes well. I have FB, and it absorbs way too much of my time. Although I haven't really used it for hobby-related connections or information. I recognize that it's not the best format or medium for the r/c hobby, so I don't use it in that way. Kind of like...
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    Is there an echo in here?

    Well Mike, what are you doing Valentine's weekend?(the weekend BEFORE the super pull). Wanna come bash in front of a crowd? Dan will be there working as a tech official as well... And that's awesome about the cat! Great to hear. Thanks for the update!
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    Is there an echo in here?

    Well I haven't really even touched my r/c's since I had to close the track a few years ago, other than to pack them up and bring them home. I really have no where to race them now and about the only outlet for running them is in the backyard or once a year at Monster Jam. And even then, I was...
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    Is there an echo in here?

    I know I have been away far too long, but I have yet to see any replies in here. Has this place become a ghost town? Is there anybody out there?
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    Pede or maxx sized painted beetle body/baja bug

    I am dusting off my trucks for an upcoming Monster Jam in 2 weeks and I would love to be able to track down a beetle or baja bug body to slap on the spare pede for my wife to run. It's an extended pede, so maxx sized bodies will fit. I don't have time to paint and since it will be probably...