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    Jconcepts Monster Cross

    Stephen, I know exactly what you're talking about!!! It's a whole different experience than what most are used to when it comes to monster truck racing. I raced this style of racing for years before I ever hit the side by side racing format. It can be nerve racking racing these big trucks for...
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    Jconcepts Monster Cross

    That style of racing is where I got my start in R/C monster truck racing. RC AVE/Alley like Nick mentioned was it. It's nice to see a version of it return. I wanted to go to this latest one just couldn't swing it. Looks like it was fun track to race on for sure, the crazier the better LOL!!!
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    southwestern pa monster truck club

    Where in south west PA? You looking to race or what did you have in mind?
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    Heading out for the World's...

    Good luck Nick. Hope you do really well. Would like to be there myself but can't do it this year.
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    Pro-Line Devastator Clod tires (another new release!)

    They look great and I REALLY like the name they gave them HaHa!!! C'mon, someone had to be waiting for me to post on this LOL!!!
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    Leopard 2A6 tank on a mission

    Very cool, thanks for sharing :cool
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    Build of Defiance Racing TXT

    The battery opening will fit NIMH, NICD or 2S Lipo. The little brackets on each side are a retro fit, they did not come standard on chassis kits until just recently. Those are designed only to hold 2S Lipo. I never tried NIMH or NICD to see if they fit between the brackets. If they don't...
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    Build of Defiance Racing TXT

    Looking great so far! It's always a real treat for me to see these on RCMT and the build process. A lot of times these go to people not on this site and I never see what happens with them so getting to see them become somebody's ride is awesome. Thanks for posting this topic, I will be...
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    Gearbox shimming opinions

    Now I have heard of people drilling and tapping the gear shafts. I never heard whether it helped or not but I imagine it had to be a positive. I would think that would be as good as shimming or maybe even better. Those gear shafts don't always have a snug fit in the gear case halves and that...
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    Gearbox shimming opinions

    I run BL in my Clods and have never shimmed anything. I don't do the "ballooning" with my trucks as you mentioned but I do race mine and push them as hard as the track they are on will permit. Gears wear much faster with BL and it's a miracle they take any abuse at all from BL power given what...
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    Rc tank airsoft shooting course!

    Cool cool cool :) That was great watching that. Looks like that's a lot of fun. Thanks for posting that vid!
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    Tamiya CC01 to the Top!

    I watch all your vids. The tank video was cool. I'd like to see it in action. RC Tanks have always fascinated me, especially the Tamiya tanks.
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    Defiance TXT Steering and Rear Lockout Pics

    When I designed my setup, I wanted the front shocks to be on the front axle but it totally wasn't going to work. I always wanted to mess around with that idea of making it work but never did. I have never been a fan of mounting shocks on the link bars but in this situation I really didn't have...
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    Defiance TXT Steering and Rear Lockout Pics

    Alex, no problem. I sent you an e-mail, did it get through to you?
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    Defiance TXT Steering and Rear Lockout Pics

    I was contacted by a member here with questions and requests for pics. They are old pics but the parts are still the same. Steering: This was during pre-production so the shocks are not pictured. Rear Lockout