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    Stock Wheely king steering assembly/geometry?

    Glad you got something out of those pics. If you look at the side chassis shot the all thread comes from The servo arm and connects to a pivot arm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stock Wheely king steering assembly/geometry?

    I beefed up where the pivot is with JB Weld. Most of the other stuff is beefed up as well, but the geometry is stock.
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    Stock Wheely king steering assembly/geometry?

    I took pictures last weekend but she who must not be named wiped the memory card. I'll get pics up on sunday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stock Wheely king steering assembly/geometry?

    The wk steering is pretty awful IMO. Too much play. I have beefed mine up. Ill try to post pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Old School Racing Revo

    Sweet truck. You have put together a very nice racer. A video would be awesome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Info: Thunder Tiger Sledgehammer S50

    Nice choice. That truck is what most of us in the states know as the AE MGT. 8.0. So yes it is tough and powerful and a gas hog. And there are many hop ups still out there. Congrats!
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    So I Inherited a Revo 3.3..

    Sounds like you scored big time! Personally I like to fiddle with nitro from time to time. I would use it as a special day truck and find some park, etc to let er rip. If you like the way it handles etc maybe do an electric conversion.
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    XL5 + 3s = massive smile

    I think I'll try mine on 3s. I've wondered if it would do it, just never been brave enough. My crawler will like it I think.
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    Custom Grave Digger Wheely King

    To be honest I don't think the wheely king is as fragile as others make it out to be. I've got one with the crawler conversion, both axles locked and the Arama15t motor in it. I just upped the pinion to 23t from 21 for more wheel speed in the snow. I has had the stock tires which are pretty...
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    Whats up at Freestyle RC

    Is there any type of slipper setup in the trans? It looks awesome!!
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    Enter, Brushless MGT

    that's shaping up to be a tough truck!
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    Death of a Wraith, birth of a Barbarian!

    I really like it!!! Only thing that is not 100% are those bent links. But great job !!!
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    Identity crisis force

    I've been having a ball with this truck! Upgraded to a MMM and some new batts. Busted the wheelie bar off attempting backflips. Had fun at RCfest with pulling and freestyle. I really really love this truck! I beat the EMAXX sooo much dust short side breakage...
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    Identity crisis force

    New Shocks!!! Such a big difference! I also had to buy the stock towers being that the Kruiser shocks are much longer and wider than the old ones. a little drill here, a little bolt here and wala And a new body!!!! I like it. Not my best paint job, but I dig it.
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    I know its not an MT......

    Awesome!! I love the staggered right rear!! Something I thought was missing on all the custom works etc cars. Keep up the good work, lets see some pics of the rear axle.