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    Local ( Ohio ) advertising

    Trust me I want the club to be known as a master truck club.. Only reason I brought up short course and tuff truck related vehicles is there has to be a bunch in the area of where we do our events .. It's more common to build a cheap drive 12 truck compare to a clod which is a lot more I do...
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    Local ( Ohio ) advertising

    Was thinking only get get something monsters / short course WHATEVER...but just like everything never works... SO FORGET WHAT I SAID IN ANY OF MY POSTS. f it
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    Local ( Ohio ) advertising

    Crickets I will do my best to get this done
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    Proline Protrac kit installed

    Would you happen to remember the part numbers offhand for everything ? I've been meaning to do that as well for a while .... If I'm not mistaken if you do the rear that makes it a different offset is that correct ?
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    Local ( Ohio ) advertising

    Guess Not
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    Local ( Ohio ) advertising

    I was wondering if we could look into some hobby shops within a few are radius of the hotel So we can send them information on our event so we could try and draw some better numbers especially on the Racing side Let me know your thoughts ( there has to be a ton of tough trucks crawlers...
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    Retro rules?

    Those motors are fine to run The hitch may not matter only cause we may not use a sled at times Anymore feel free to email me Thanks Bart [email protected]
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    2015 NR/CTPA World's Awards

    Maimone R/C Motorsports Will sponsor 4wd Pro modified monster truck
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    2015 NR/CTPA World's Awards

    Any Chance change the design of the first place trophys not for nothing! Design for years
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    Monster truck help

    Tad is right Facebooke as much as I hate it seems to be the hot spot now Adays
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    Track sizing

    Awesome. Thank you Eric
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    ROOMS at the hotel

    Yes yes yes, we will have carpet lol
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    ROOMS at the hotel

    I think we need to sit down with UPPPER management there...OR maybe a phone call to corporate? This is getting worse and worse by the week with them people between the hotel room screwup over and over lack of information they're giving us... And to top it off pulling up the carpet without...
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    Springs 2014

    This is awesome so glad to see that!!!!