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    NEW 1/5 monster truck comming out!

    Another new 1/5 monster truck out.NEW 45cc High Performance RTR XLT450 4WD Monster Truck (Blue (
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    Early December New Product Release

    How about the Txt-1 axles???????
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    NEW 1/5 monster truck comming out!

    Lots of videos out on truck. Sadly the truck is slow and no power with stock motor. If you want real power and speed spend another $1200 for theTMR motor with 12 hp! The 4 wheel steering kit is now available for another $460.
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    Just finished my chassis - Candyman build

    Should have used metal ball links.
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    Help: Savage 25

    parts can be found on Ebay.
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    USA-1 Decals. Perfect reproduction design.

    All that time wasted when some one already did it.:p
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    New Kyosho Rampage Tough Truck

    I prefer the older kyosho stuff. I'm waiting for the Usa-1 electric to return!
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    Aluminum Steering Knukles

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    nitro engine overheating and general tuning questions

    A well tuned engine should be below 250 degrees. More oil lube will prevent overheating and make you engine last longer.
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    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    Horizon hobby bought hobbico and everything attached. Tower hobbies is increasing prices and cutting saving to members and merging.
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    the rarest truck you've owned...

    Holly grail MRP high roller
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    New Drive Shafts For My Mountaineer

    Get yourself some punisher shafts from rc4wd. They are sliders and stronger than the cheap tamyia brass u-joints.
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    nitro engine overheating and general tuning questions

    The biggest problem you have is different brands of fuels and plugs. Use Fuel with 18% oil lube to cool the engine down. Use a os #8 plug and I suspect you damaged the mix needle by turning in to far. As for trying a new carb The damage was already done from the improper tuning and wrong fuel...
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    Marui Big Bear

    I have 2 of those. 2 show guns and 6 coors t birds( all the same chassis). All are sitting on the shelf now as parts are extremely expensive to get now. I have tons of spars but I'm still not going to run anymore.:cool