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  1. Default New brand at Horizon Hobbies _ Vattera twin hammers 4x4 desert buggy

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    Saw this on RC Soup...not much info here and I guess we'll find out what it is in a few days.

    However in the meantime anyone care to venture a guess? I'm hoping an Axial competitor...maybe another source of axles.

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    I hope you are right John.

    I hate the "guess what's coming" and-or previews of nothings. ARGH

    Always glad to see new things, it's the tease I get irritated at.
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    ^ LOL!

    i hope its something new. an axial competitor would be nice but im hoping for something unseen. like a new ERA in r/c technology. space ships anyone?
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  5. Default New brand at Horizon Hobbies

    I just hope that it's better than the Tamiya USA reveal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKRacing37 View Post
    I just hope that it's better than the Tamiya USA reveal.

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    didn't see this coming, looks cool w/ solid rear indy front

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    Definitely cool, will be keeping an eye on this to see what it is all about and how it can be moded

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    Super cool, the people having been wanting something like this for a long time!
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    looks like something based off a actual baja truck setup could be interesting

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    I WAS going to buy an exo... but
    visit and

    Check out Screw Loose Hex Head Hardware on RCMT

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    I just saw this on Youtube and rushed on RCMT 30-40min ago to start a thread ,and guess what !5 days ago a thread was born !!LOL! I really want one !Doubt I'll get one anytime soon though !!

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    That is super cool. Ultra realism and kick butt performance. How much ?

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    Looks like I will be adding another buggy to my ever growing fleet. I am really digging the solid rear axle, funny Axial did not do that on the EXO...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjr2 View Post
    That is super cool. Ultra realism and kick butt performance. How much ?

    site says Retail 650$

    they are selling them for 400$

    these things look awesome tho. definitely interesting
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    Jeez-zus!! I found my new go fast!! I just saw this on the RCDriver FB page!! Have you guys seen the Vaterra Glamis 1/8th Scale 2WD Buggy? "At the center of its design is a viscous ring differential that prevents wheel spin on loose surfaces when you're cornering hard or hammering the throttle." I'm a 4WD guy, but this is tempting, since I'm so close to the beaches.
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    That glamis buggy reminds me of the arrma buggy
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    Now THIS looks like a cool brand. That TwinHammers buggy is something people have been wanting from a company for a while. Gonna be interesting to see how they hold up.
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    This buggy looks cool.. One dosn't have to do what the R/C Crawler guys been doing for a while now.
    By buying the Axial Exo and Wraith and splicing the chassis and cage to have fron IFS and solid rear.

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    I like the glamis too but I already took the rear cage off my scb and if I threw a exo terra tail fin on it I would then have a glamis on the cheap lol.

    wich was part of plan prior to seeing the glamis it's either that or I am going to fab up some mud/wheel wells on the rear like the pulling tractors have over there rear tires.

    but yeah it look's exactly like my scb with a tail wing on but $300-400 more.

    it's neat but I would rather just buy another scb over the glamis to look the exact same for half the price.

    I thought the other day I seen a sneak at their comng monster also but it was ugly and looked more like a pede setup then a monster.

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