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    Default FAVORITE thing about RC

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    Going off Rapko's original, but with the best part about it! What is it?

    For me at the moment - getting to make fun memories with my bros

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    Sharing the hobby with my son and doing something we both enjoy together.

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    agree with John on sharing it with our sons , def brings us closer and the older he gets the more involved he gets .

    also i love the builds almost more than running them , making something work from something that is not ment to be is a great feeling of accomplishment
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    Best part for me would be kit building and restoring, unfortunately for me its the most expensive part.

    I dont have any kids sorry, (well none that have knocked on my door saying "Are you my daddy?" :-P )
    But I have a nephew which I adore and would love to buy him a lunchbox and put a 35t in it but need to find
    a radio for his little hands as he is only four.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TXT-2.0 View Post
    i love the builds almost more than running them , making something work from something that is not ment to be is a great feeling of accomplishment
    Building, and the test and tune/refine stage
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    I wanted a "Hobby Grade" R/C since i was 12 saw usa-1 in tower hobbies ad in some r/c magazine finally got one for my 16th B-day love monster trucks ever since but best part of hobby to me is RCMT ! i have loved coming on to this site for well over a decade now with all the various literations of the site and the people then and seeing awesome builds getting great advice being around long enough in hobby to give helpful advice ounce in awhile like i got when i first showed up with my USA-1 on here this is by far my favorite place on the web long live RCMT !

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    My favorite part about rc. I like building and modifying them. Then run them into the ground, then modify them again and again.
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    Driving them on the edge, pushing em for all there worth, normally its the action or jump or whatever that causes the least favorite thing.
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    Hop-ups!! Hop-ups!! Hop-ups!!
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    My favorite thing about RC is checking the tracking number on a large package and it says, "out for delivery". I know fun-time is about to start.  9

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    Everything, I love everything about it. From kits to RTR to hop ups to racen bashing, I just love it all.
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    For me, it is the unwrapping of that freshly ironed out thin clear shrink wrap. Followed by the unboxing and then the build. Then...driving it just like you stole it .

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