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    Default My home built monster

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    Default I've hand built everything on this truck.

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    Everything on this truck is home made, the chassis, steering links, servo mounts, body mounts, front bumper/skid plate, drilled out the wheels for five hole mounting. The only thing I actually bought was the 4 link kit but that was before I got crafty, if I were to start over I'd probably make that too. The wheel base is about an inch longer than stock. I've locked the differentials, shaved the front steering bump stops. There really isn't much on this truck that haven't modded out. I started in February with a used bone stock original '87 clod, it even had '87 monster horsepower motors in it. Now I'm running 22t titan 550's with a traxxas xl-5 esc and 8.4v 3000 mah batteries and use deans plugs to connect them. I plan on upgrading to a brushless setup over the winter. It's really been a fun project and its so much fun to drive. This is my first clod and its a 10 year long dream come true for me.

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    Nice job, I like it.

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    Looks good. That's the cool thing about a Clod, you can make everything yourself and it will be an excellent off-roader.

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    Your clod looks great. There's nothing like the satisfaction of making your own stuff.
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    Thanks guys, you're right, nothing beats building something from scratch and having it actually work well. This us actually the second chassis I built. The first one was far more complicated and made a better crawler, but I wanted more monster than crawler. So when I came across some plate aluminum for free I made this. I've been thinking about getting some upper links and redoing the 4 link, but this works for now.

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    I like it, came out really cool. The satisfaction of creating something yourself just can't be beat.
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    Nice. This reminds me of the old days when everyone was building their own Clod chassis.
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    Did a little more tinkering with it over the weekend, made a set of wheel wideners that widen the stance by about 3/4" mainly just to clear the 4 link and shocks when the wheels are turned all the way. When my new servos finally get here I'm going to make a new mount out of aluminum to replace the steel/plastic one on the front and remake the tie rods. My kid is anxiously awaiting my new servos too so I can finish putting his truck together too.
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    Default Not painted, just test fitting, but I saw this in a photo and had to do it.

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    Default Also toying around with the idea of painting black over that pink. I've hated the pin

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    So I decided to go ahead and start converting my 4 link setup. Gotta love the internet, you can find so many ideas on how to make your own parts. The metal gear servos showed up yesterday so I spent yesterday finishing my sons truck. Only had time today to do the front, tomorrow night it's on to the rear.

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    I've decided to do a little evolution series of my clod from how it was when I bought it, to how it sits in all its glory now. Thus photo was taken the day after I got it, straining to sit with one tire up on a nitro 'pede.

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    First step I made was to get a Chevy body on it, since this was all I had around, on it went. Then after discovering that were so many different mods for a clod, I made up a set of lift brackets. I never really knew that the rcmt community was such a big deal, but looking at a lot of the rigs on here, it really got my mind working.

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    So on went a 4 link kit, and since I busted the rear steering, I decided then was good time to make a vertical servo mount for the front and a lock out for the rear. Also had dug out a set of aluminum shocks.

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