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    Default Grave Digger 30th Fleet truck ( Ground Pounder ) Build

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    Well it seems like I do alot of
    This is for a buddy in STL. Ground Pounder build with painted chassis, sponsor plates, Brushless set up, modded knuckles with RC4WD tires and Clod rims, CPE beadlocks, Hot Racing shocks, I also did my own set of axle braces with shock mounts... Figured Id give it a try, there not as pretty as Hesse's but their clean looking It will be topped with a Digger 30th Fleet body very soon. The customer wanted something 30th but didnt want the same old thing.

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    What motor are using in this ? Can you do a picture with a wheel off, showing the knuckle ?

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    i was looking at those shocks , i like how you mounted the reservoirs
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    I like it! Great job. I too am really starting to dig these springless shocks with reservoirs.

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    Hey! That's my truck lol looks perfect!

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    Here's a couple pics...notice the awesome headlights!...can't wait to have this bad boy in my possesion

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    I'm a little late on this thread, but I saw it on the Facebook page, this is yours DeathMachine????? Wow! Nice, love that body!!

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    Default Grave Digger 30th Fleet truck ( Ground Pounder ) Build

    Which Foc Racing Shocks are these?

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    Those are Hot Racing internal spring shocks...they have them with and without the resevior
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    Thanks Gav for helping out with the answer.

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    Heres afew more pics of the finished truck.

    I made headlight buckets for the LEDs to sit in and candy painted the lenses. I cant stand seeing the drilled out hole with an led hangin out of it so I wanted to give it a finished look.

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