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    Default Turnigy 1/10 Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck

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    Ok so what does everyone thinking of this short course truck and be totally honest? _AUS_Warehouse_.html

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    First off make sure if you order one you get it from the USA warehouse. You'll save on shipping and get it a lot quicker. If it gets hung up in customs you might wait up to 4 weeks to get it.

    The neighbor kid has one of these. It's a bit smaller than a typical 1/10th scale SC truck like the Slash or SC10. Durability wise it's been a lot better than I expected but it does have it's hiccups. I know that the ESC went out and he's broken a control arm and hub. The only issue is when it does break there are no spare parts listed in HK's USA warehouse, so you'll be forced to order from overseas and your truck might be down for a lot longer than you'd like. I *think* the tires/rims are a different size than a typical SCT tire so if you want to replace the tires it might be a bit more leg work and money (if you have to replace rims as well) than a typical SCT.

    If it was me, for not too much more you could get this:**&P=ML

    Free shipping and Tower lists a $25 off coupon code on their homepage. The Slash is tough as nails and parts are readily available everywhere. Another thing is when the time comes you want to sell either you'll get a lot more for the Slash than you will the HK truck. Sounds dumb but that is one thing I consider now when purchasing an RC is how the resale will be. I've owned a few "off brands" in the past and when it comes time to unload them they just don't bring the interest or $$$ like a known brand does.

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    You might be interested in this review of the truck:

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    For a little bit more you could get the Redcat Caldera 10E SC, which is also 4WD and brushless, but includes the battery and RX/TX. We sell those for $199 shipped, and carry the spare parts available for it as well. These are great as they're not as stupidly fast as the 8E line, and take quite a beating on the track. They run neck and neck with the other SC trucks at the local track.

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    Thanks Brett i think i will look into this, my bro has been looking at a short course truck but he cant afford the slash. Also is that always the price?

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    From us, yes. The 8E ones are faster, but more expensive and more fragile because they're going so much faster. These are controllable and race great with the other SC trucks.
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    Brett Crawford - Owner

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    Thank you so much.

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