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Thread: megadeth wk

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    hey guys i got this wk and started doing some stuff to it, so far the only thing i really have done to it performance wise is add a brushless hobbies 120amp esc and a losi 13.5 sensored motor wow did that wake it up lol. strictly going to be for racing. there are alot of other things i am going to do so i will post up more pics and info as i go. i debated on a body for a couple weeks and although i was coming up with tons of stuff for other people i couldnt think of anything for myself, in the end i found an awesome drawing of megadeth and went that route. let me know what ya think, here are some before and after pics.

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    Wow, fantastic work, Dave there really jumps out too!
    Ah Biscuits........

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    thanks, i painted the silver and the black last night then when i got up today i finished the rest, i really debated on throwing color to it because i was scared it wouldnt look right or that i wouldnt be able to get the flesh and skull colors i wanted but in the end after a little mixing i was very happy with the result.

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    Looks cool. Makes me want to go rock out to Symphony of Destruction on Guitar Hero.
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    You have some painting skills for sure. I wish I knew how to do that.

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    painting skills really shine there
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    That's pretty sweet!
    I've been planning a "metal" themed body for a while, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KidKrazy86 View Post
    Looks cool. Makes me want to go rock out to Symphony of Destruction on Guitar Hero.
    That could be apropriate for a freestyle session
    Ah Biscuits........

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    Thats a nice looking wheely king, Great paint job.
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    thanks guys, i deff have to say that is prolly my best yet. cant wait to get it all done and race it should be some fun and once geared right it should do decent in pro mod and turn better then a clod

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    That's awesome man! Megadeth is my favorite band I have all their studio ablums on CD plus a couple compilations like a Hidden Treasures and Capitol Punishment and Rude Awakening. I have 16 Medageth CDs in total plus one tribute CD called Medaded.

    I was expecting Vic Rattlehead and the Megadeth font but not a drawing of the band that is super cool man. I'm glad you're liking the Wheely King too.

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    lol ya i was stumped till i found that pic of the band and i was like **** ya thats what im doing, thing that sucks is it looks like i might have to sell it to try to get us caught up on stuff, i had been doing so well not having to off any of my rc because i had too but it finally cought up it seems

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    I ordered a brushless hobby 120 amp
    Esc yesterday for my rustler. They seem like a really good deal at only 57$ are they a rebadged Hobbyking or hobbywing esc? For the specs you get the brushless hobbies escs are a lot better deal.

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    The BH ESC is based on the Hobbywing (king?) ESC but has upgraded FETS and a few other improvements. It will run either the BH or HW firmware and also can be used with the Hobbywing 2 in 1 program box.. Been running two of the 120's all year in my mod SCT and 2wd buggy - both have performed great without a hiccup.


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