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    Put together some of the trucks for a small beating. Suspension settings are kind of stiff, but look old school. The zilla 2 is shown in its past life as well as current, and its old bullhead body makes it onto the super clod for a few clips. The jumps aren't huge but look somewhat scale, all I have is that mini ramp. I was able to pull some slap wheelies and an endo. I made a backup Vimeo version but I screwed around with the settings and the framerate looks sketchy. I hope Youtube leaves the song in and leaves the video alone, because I ain't gonna take it! lol :bang
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    Your video's are insane:tmb:tmb:tmb

    I really like watching these rigs in slo-moo really shows everything that's going on with the suspension and tires:drool

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    Your videos are awesome. I always am amazed how much stress these trucks are under just on take off and small jumps. Makes me realize how much abuse theydo take before something finally lets go.

    BTW - speaking of stuff letting go, what went at 1:00?

    My favorite shots are at :42 and the next one as well. Amazing stuff!

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    That video is Fantastic !:rock

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    Nice video man I especially like the zilla 2 with the stock 4 link bars

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    It's truly amazing how realistic these trucks look in the super slow mo. Fantastic video that makes me want to go play with the clods!
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    You get three thumbs up... Nice trucks, awesome slow-mo and music that doesn't make my ears bleed.

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    i cant stop watching all your videos A+++ again well done

    the global liner is still one of my favorites
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    Nice job - Bullhead looks good.

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