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    Default project ground pounder racer

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    hi guys new to this site and having a tough time finding info on this rig , i'd like to completely replace both front and rear axle's as ive broke the plastic ones twice now , would like aluminum case's , also i've read there is a tranny upgrade to metal gears or maybe a full swap out , i have the metal drive shafts and the mod 1 steel spur , also i would like a set of piggy back shocks if ypu could point me in the right direction , basically im good with chucking everything but the frame lol as its been sitting broken for many years , i love the frame its why i bought it , ive tried to find info on my own but only read about upgrades guys have done but rarely do they tell where theve purchased the stuff , best i found so far was crawford racing

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    The only know of the metal spur gear for the trans, none for the trans itself, but I may be wrong. The trans gears themselves have proven to be very strong for me, it's the motor mounting/spur gear that has always proven problematic. There is the aluminum trans mount that are available but I would go for an Axial trans swap before I bought those. If the driveshafts you have are the Redcat upgrade ones then they won't last very long, they're a soft metal.

    As for axles. a lot of people like the Axial AR-60 swap for the same reason as the Axial trans, much more upgrade potential. I myself like the Mad Gear Cliff/GP hybrid axle, think it as a narrowed GP axle.

    If you're going to mount the shocks like stock then you're going to want at least a 120mm/5" shock that is very soft. I don't know of any shock that fits both those requirement that has a piggyback reservoir.  032


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