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    Default Any problems using an EVX2 with LiPo's???

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    Im running an the Traxxas EVX2/Titan 550 combo in my Clod. Currently using dual NiMh. No the truck is getting a new race chassis I am looking to convert the truck to LiPo. I'm sure it works, but want to know that for sure before I drop the money for 2 new LiPo's. Traxxas advertises the EVX2 is not compatable, the same as they do with the XL-5 ecs. Im running LiPo in my stock Slash and love the power/run time. I don't know that it is not recommended just for the fact that there is no low vltage cutoff, or it will melt down.

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    Ive been running 2 traxxass level 4 batts with my clod same setup the weight kinda sucks but its almost as fast as my stock e maxx... being a super newb with lipo and just got my first E revo with the castle creations setup i will be attemping to use lipo but the clod requires 2 esc's... the evx 2 has no cutt off... so you run the risk of damaging batterys...
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    Thanks for the info, I figured the LiPo's would have been fine, just didn't want to waste the money to burn up an ECS. The truck is heavy with 2 batteries, but still fun. Hoping to go brushless later this year. the CPE Terminator made night and day difference!!!

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    with all the weight my cpe still needs a wheelie bar:tmb
    CPE Terminator E revo 550 Brushed motors Evx2 ESC 2x traxxas level 4 7 cell Batt rc4wd 14mm spacers 3/4 wideners Imex Jumbo Kongs

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    u r fine to run lipos in the evx2, it doesnt have a lipo cut off, so when running, the moment u notice a voltage drop, stop the truck.

    the sweet thing about lipo becides voltage and longevity is that you have constant output for whole run.

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    Arent there external BEC's you can purchase to run with the EVX or EVX2?

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    -Yes there are, lots of companies make them for this reason alone. Older speedos don't come with a voltage cutoff like most of us here know. So external bec's save the day~!

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    my buddy has run them in his emaxx. ur gunna probly want to run 30c or higher just becausef the of the wight of the truck and the esc in question is a amp vampire. the also make alarms that go on the balance leads and novack macks a shut off to install on non-cutoff esc's. the novack cutoff via the toyz p.s. new coustemers get 10% off first order when you sign up
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    I use the novak 4c cutoff and run 2 2cell 5000,s no probs yet.

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    Should be no problems with lipo, get a LVC or LVA.

    I found a good forum where people have tried this on URC.COM. Turns out the problems I had were due to running or trying to run a burned out motor. Otherwise Lipo's should be okay as long as you are within the voltage limits of the ESC.
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