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    Default KhyzerSoze finally builds his SCX10 II after 2 years.

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    Part 1 - Axles

    I've had these Xtra Speed AR44 Axle housing since I bought the kit. Finally get to use them.

    Starting on the work...

    Yay... axles done. Like others.. I needed to dremel the paint off the inside bearing slot in the Xtra Speed Axle housings.

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    Part 2 - Links

    Them links....

    Steering and panhard links...

    Front axle links...

    Rear axle links join the party...

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    Part 3 - Shocks

    Axial Icons... nothing special to see here...

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    Part 4 - Transmission

    So... the kit comes with that newer transmission. I actually bought the new upgraded older transmission with metal gears (AX31439).

    For this build... I am sticking with the kit provided transmission for now.

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    Part 5 - Drive Shafts

    Will probably get metal ones down the road. For now these will do.

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    Part 6 - Chassis

    Finally getting around to putting the chassis together.

    Used a Boom Racing 25T servo horn for the steering servo.

    Front Axle mounted

    Rear Axle and shocks mounted

    Using Hobbywing 1080 Brushed ESC

    ESC put in place... Bumpers,rock sliders, and body posts mounted.

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    Part 7 - Wheels and Body

    Going to use the stock tires and wheels for now. Will not be gluing them like the instructions say, as I'll probably swap out the foams and change to beadlocks.

    Starting on the body prep work... Forgot to take pictures...

    Mounted the Tires/Wheels

    Finished adding some of the decals and plastic scale details to the body.

    Mounting the roof rack was a !@# Whoever designed the piece that mounts inside the body should be tortured.... because that's what it was... torture. For some reason this part of the build seemed like the hardest part. The screw holes were too small for the screws and I tried to brute force it. I finally wised-up (hey I'm still jet-lagged and not thinking clearly) and used a screw to open up the hole in the plastic piece while not trying to mount the rack...before finally mounting the rack on.

    On top of that part of the roof rack was missing a screw hole which was weird. I had to drill out a hole for the screw (passenger side 1st screw of 3) so that I could mount the 2 parts of the roof rack together.

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    Here's how it sits... mostly stock for now.

    The SCX10.2 finally joins my fleet of scale crawlers.

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    Testing some different shoes...


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