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    Default USA1/Inferno info?

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    So last week I was able to pick up Nitro USA-1 bare chassis in great shape for a really good price. I've always wanted one, and understand parts are hard to find and rare, but was hoping for some help as I haven't had the best luck finding much info as I plan to actually put an engine in it and run the thing!

    I pulled out my old collection of RC Car Action mags, and in the twin engine USA1 build they used MP5 diffs and center diff with a bypass/spool. However, much like trying to find parts for the truck itself, its almost impossible to find any MP5 parts. My "Inferno" question would be, were any of the other inferno's similar to the MP5 design? Like maybe MP7-7.5?

    And I've seen suggestions for upgraded steel gears for the USA1, but having a hard time deciphering what part numbers they'd be exactly.

    Any help and or suggestions would be awesome. Thanks

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    Only parts that will interchange with the Usa-1 nitro are the burns and inferno dx. Hard steel gears are almost imposable to find. You have to use the counter gear with the big tires. I have 5 usa-1 nitro's and tons of spares as parts are extremely hard to find now. Thee stock gears will hold up if you shim the diffs correct.


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