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    Default Who still makes good kuckles and axle parts

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    Hi Im looking for some alloy knuckles for my clod/bullhead, and possible also shafts

    I was web seraching and found these hubs and axles, who makes them and are they any good or still even avalible?

    After a diassater build using rc4wd parts Im just what something reliable.
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    I use Integy tubes, they don't make them anymore but Hot Racing does. Same for the knuckles, Hot Racing makes some but be careful, mine weren't tapped all the way and the screw heads got stripped out. Hard to find replacement shoulder screws that size and they are out of stock from Hot Racing last I checked.
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    I beat the crap out of my Clod for ten years and only ever broke one knuckle arm. If you are breaking a lot some thing is wrong with your set-up.

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    Thanks for the reply guys, it seems the market for clod parts has really dryed up. yikes! Now we got tires and wheels options but no axle gear

    Ya got the big integy knuckles on my txt-1 but cant seem to find those either anymore, not to crazy about the hot racing units...

    Was just looking at a few trucks and got to thinking if maybe the the kyosho mad force knuckles and stub shafts could be adapped some how, they are quite beefy.

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    HR tubes are about the same as Integy.

    I like HR knuckles better than Integy. You just have to watch the screws or you will loose the small spacer.

    The only aluminum parts I use are knuckles. I prefer the plastic parts. They are cheap and lighter than aluminum.

    The axles in those picks are ttr/mip. Brad just had more made and should have them in this week.


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