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    Default How are you guys locking your diffs

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    I am putting my RC4WD axles together and want to lock the rear diff.
    I bought a CEN (I think) locker a while back and can't get it to fit.
    I'm using the plastic diff housings so some sort of DIY solution is what I want.
    JB weld? Silly Putty? Paper towels? They are all on YouTube but I'm not sure how JB weld would hold up. The silly putty seems like it would be easy to clean out if the housing breaks.

    Now that Photobucket got greedy hardly any pictures work anymore.

    I already upgraded to the 4 pinion inferno diffs a while back. At this point, I would be willing to pony up for some aluminum diff housings too. With the 4 link setup, and everything going on it's really a PITA to take these things apart.
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    Why do you want to lock it, crawling? I'd just put some super high weight oil in like

    If you really want locked, I have put JB weld in multiple diffs and 10+ years later they are all still holding. But, it always depends on power and how you drive.
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    I have always felt locking them was a mistake. It screws up the handling. I just used super heavy diff grease in mine.


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