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    Default 4600kV or 5700kV with Clod tires?

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    Finally plan on going to a brushless system.

    I am thinking the castle creations 4600 or 5700 but can't decide.

    This will be for bashing around the backyard, jumps and stuff.

    My WK has or will have (as most of the parts are on the desk):

    RC4WD tranny
    HD final gear and bevel gears
    Traxxas drive shafts
    and Clod wheels/tires

    I have two packs of 2S LiPo batteries my buddy gave me so that is what I plan on running.

    So any suggestions on what brushless system I should go for?


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    I run 5700's in everything. You can turn them down with the programming if they are too much, you can't turn the 4600's up.
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    Thanks I think that is what I am going to go with!


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