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    Default Suggestions needs please!

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    Hey guys first off I'm new here so please bare with me. I recently purchased the Tamiya F350 and I'd like some suggestions about what electronics to purchase. I am going to go with the multi function control unit. I want all the functions to work as is horn headlights engine noises. Which radio receiver and speed controller do you guys use. It says I need a 4 channel radio to use the multi function unit. I really want to use water proof electronics like my Slash has. Is the ball bearing kit from Tower Hobbies a good idea? Does anyone have any other suggestions I should purchase. From what I under stand I need two servos a speed controller a 4 channel radio with receiver for starters. My main goal is having it function and look real. I want to pull my RC boat with it and use it for display.

    Thanks guys!!

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    If you are looking for water proof the MFC unit is not the way to go as it is not water proof, it has a speed controller built into it. In my experience you have to us an older FM type of radio as I experienced some Glitch issues when trying to use a 2.4ghz radio. If you are just looking for lights I would go with a basic light kit and a Traxxas or other brand waterproof speed controller and servos, and then put the receiver in a waterproof box. Ball bearings are recommended as it will make everything spin better and once you get everything assembled it is pretty much a disassembly to get back into the transmission to replace those bushings. You will need at least a three channel radio if you want to shift through the three speeds, I would recommend something like the Dx4C as you can adjust the end points on the third channel so you can dial in the shifting. And you will need two servos one for steering and one for shifting. That also leaves you an extra channel to turn your lights on and off.


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