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    Ride Of The Month Contest winner for January 2013 is Jerry Matoon Congradulations from RCMT
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    Ride Of The Year Contest winner for 2012 is TXT-2.0 Congradulations from RCMT
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  • Ride of the month winner September 2012

    Well another close on that came down to the wire but TamiyaTony squeaked it out . Huge thanks to our sponsors for there support Super Shafty (this month) Fatboy and Cow R/C

    i talk to Tony about his truck and here is what he had to say
    This particular Clod I've had for about two years give or take and started out with a lot of Bullhead parts. I systematically transformed it into a complete stock Clod Buster and have added part after part as they became available. Yes it has been run up until very recently. In fact, here's a great video of it bashing through the dirt a few months ago:

    I will probably shelf it now that it has won the ROTM contest as well as been featured in the October 2012 issue of RC Driver magazine. I am currently in the process of another build which will be even more outrageous!

    video of it bashing

    parts or the build
    - CCP Chrome Chassis
    - CCP Chrome Battery Tray
    - CCP Chrome Battery Caps
    - CCP Dual Wheel Adapters
    - Tamiya Chrome Body Mounts
    - Tamiya Chrome Ladder Bars
    - Kyosho USA-1 Terra Tires
    - Monsta Foam Tire Foams
    - Tamiya Black F-Parts
    - ESP Aluminum Roll Bar
    - ESP Aluminum Front Bumper
    - ESP Aluminum Rear Bumper
    - ESP Aluminum Lower Bumpers
    - ESP Aluminum Skid Plate
    - ESP Aluminum Pulling Hitch
    - APM Aluminum Grab Rails
    - APM Aluminum Fuel Injection Stacks
    - CPE Aluminum Bed Liner
    - CPE Aluminum Bed Rails
    - CPE Aluminum Side Steps
    - CPE Aluminum Bug Shield
    - Ram Aluminum Light Pods
    - LED Headlights
    - Associated RC10 Gold Shocks
    - RC4WD Aluminum Rod Ends
    - Barts Parts Aluminum Exhaust Headers
    - Axial Chrome Windshield Wipers
    - Axial Chrome Side View Mirrors
    - Custom Windshield Visor courtesy of Budhatrain
    - Scale Designs International Fender Flares
    - Spring Antenna Mount with Anodized Blue Cap
    - Traxxas Battery Box for lighting
    - Novak 610-RV ESC
    - MG995 High Speed, High Torque Steering Servo
    - Trinity Monster Mash Matched Motors
    and on to the pics
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Ride of the Month Sept. winner !! started by TXT-2.0 View original post
    Comments 7 Comments
    1. KONG.'s Avatar
      KONG. -
      Congrats TamiyaTony
    1. Brian34's Avatar
      Brian34 -
      Truck looks amazing. The tires almost remind me of the 73" goodyears that some of the old school 1:1's ran back then.
    1. KingClod27's Avatar
      KingClod27 -
      That was a great race for the win! Congrats Tony. Ive told u before this is my favorite stock clod...EVER!!
    1. CowBoyClod's Avatar
      CowBoyClod -
      You got some stiff competition following behind you there Tony "Look Out" (That eight tire set up was tried by me way back then in my teens.

      Congrate bud
    1. TamiyaTony's Avatar
      TamiyaTony -
      Thanks to all that voted for my truck! Oh and I forgot to mention, it has full ball bearings throughout. You need that to haul that kind of weight around haha. It's no rocket that's for sure but it'll crush anything in its path. I look forward to showing you guys my next build. I promise it will impress.

    1. ButtressDMAX's Avatar
      ButtressDMAX -
      whered u get the antenna/whip for that?
    1. TamiyaTony's Avatar
      TamiyaTony -
      Quote Originally Posted by ButtressDMAX View Post
      whered u get the antenna/whip for that?