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  • Ride Of The Month Contest Winner

    Ride Of The Month Contest winner for January 2013 is Jerry Matoon Congradulations from RCMT
  • Ride of the Year 2012

    Ride Of The Year Contest winner for 2012 is TXT-2.0 Congradulations from RCMT
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  • Ride of the month winner August 2012

    ok some wicked trucks this go around and in my opinion all ROM worthy but Pocho112 Centurion grabbed top honor .
    HUGE thanks to our sponsors Super Shafty and Cow R/C for there support !
    so i know this truck well being i sold it to Preston its not its first win at the ride of the month
    but i talked to him about what he did to it since he bought it from me and here is what he said

    Truck was luckily aquirred from you. ( Thank You Again!)
    Body was painted up by Terry Plum of The Monster Factory
    Body was made by Rcwizzard, (I think thats the right name. material is petg or something like that. It's not lexan so the body is very brittal in some areas.
    Tires were back cut by HawaiianTrucker808, has Tweaked wideners installed on narrowed clod rims
    Esc is from a stock ground pounder
    Not sure on the servo but it has aluminum gears and case
    Motors are stock clod motors, planned on racing it in the stock class because I didnt want to damage the truck
    Has a muscle machines motor in the back with a set of custom bent exhaust pipes
    Futaba fast receiver
    I only ran the truck twice. Once to test everything and get some nice action shots and the second was at our Mid Season Finals. Unfortunately, at our finals I misjudged a jump and the truck flipped over pretty badly and destroyed the body. The whole bed is cracked right through the length of the bed and the arms cracked away from the body and the tailgate has indentions from the rear part of the centurions frame as well. I'm in the process of trying to get Terry to paint me another one. Everyone told me not to run it but I thought it looked so cool so I had to. lol
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